Getting Started with BW4HANA

Purpose –

This is part 1 of series of blog to get started with BW4HANA.

In this part we will create a BW4HANA instance from the image deployed by SAP on Cloud Platform like AWS or Azure.

Prerequisites –

  • SAP SID. It usually starts with S and is 11 characters for eg-: S0012345678. You can get SID from SAP.
  • SAP Cloud Appliance Library account (link). Fill in the necessary information using your SID above.
  • Access key and Secret key for your Amazon Web Service (AWS) account if you are using AWS to host your instance.

Let’s Get Started –

  1. Open the SAP Cal (link) in your favorite browser


  1. Login with your SAP ID

1-2.png3. On the top right corner there is a search option, Search for “BW


4. Select the appropriate instance from the below list and click on Create instance.         I have selected the SAP BW 4 HANA (Developer Edition) because it is free and will have all the features


5. Scroll to the bottom and accept the terms and conditions


6. The next step will ask for your cloud provider account. This is the cloud instance where the instance will be created. Keep in mind there will be cost to run your instance.


7. You can use any name for the Account.Copy the correct aws key,secret key in the appropriate fields.


8. Click on Test Connection

1-9.png9. You can use any name in the instance detail. The password you create is very important it will be used to login into the instance later when it is created.

1-10.png10. You can see on the right side how much will it cost to keep the instance running.Click on Create Instance


11. You can download the private key file and keep it safe locally.

1-13.png12. The instance will now be in a creating state


13. It may take up to an hour for the instance to be active the first time. The instance is now active


14. You can access the instance in various ways which can be found in the getting started guide. I am logging in using the remote desktop.




15. The user id is Administrator and password is the master password that we created in Step 9.



16. You should now be able to login to the desktop


In the next part I will write about how to start with create simple POC on the BW4HANA instance.

Thank You !